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  • HOW IT WORKS_POSTED_ON: Jul 31, 2018
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  • Description : This article provides further explanation of the possibilities we offer to win gifts.

    To explain briefly, you have the opportunity to win the gifts of your choice by performing specific actions on our social network or our partners. As we wish to make known to you quickly, your advantages are numerous.

    We offer you to earn money by realizing little tasks, once you have completed 7 missions of your choice, you earn $5 paid on virtual bank. I there are missions that don't interest you, you can do another mission two times in a week.

    In other ways you can easily earn $20 a month, just doing what you like on other social networks.

    To learn more about your missions and inform us when they are finished, you must join our Service Exchange Group.

    And here is a list for the month of November:

    1 / Share an article, Fanpage, group, or shop from Netizz to other social networks
    2 / Share a post on our Netizz Facebook Page and identify a friend
    3 / Post (or reply to) a publication on the groups of your choice (except the group Service Exchange...), at least 5 messages or videos
    4 / Post 5 videos in the groups of your choice

    6 / Add an evaluation with review (more than 25 words) on the blog articles or stories of your choice
    7 / Follow a Fanpage of your choice and add an evaluation with review (more than 25 words)

    The missions below are paid $1, only one time for reviews of at least 25 words :

    - Download Netizz on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and leave a review
    - Post a review on our Net Business Rating page (and report a payment / gift received if you have already earned something on Netizz)
    -Register on AlternativeTo and vote for our site at the url

    Get Prizes and Money

    The Dollan being the local currency of the site, and equivalent to $1 US for 1,000 DollaNs, we can evaluate the conversion rate in Euros of 1,000 DollaNs to €0,80 (this rate could change if there is a large difference with the official rate). Our currency has been set up to facilitate exchanges, it is also a way to secure your purchases. We explain the payment process in more detail on our Dollans page. This page also gives you a history of your paid actions.

    Once you have reached a minimum of 10,000 DollaNs, you can also receive money via Paypal, rather than gifts.

    We hope that in the coming months you will be able to earn even more by selling items and / or services. But also by finding sponsors for your page, your group, people supporting your work if you are Youtubeur, or ready to finance your project.

    Are you a webmaster? We propose you between 20 and $120 for a sponsored article on your site!

    The Dollans will be useful to you to buy the product or service of your choice on Netizz or Price Minister (Paid inscription elsewhere if you pass by this link and make a purchase). If you do not have enough for the desired item, you have the option to get additionalDollaNsby sending us a payment via Paypal. Otherwise you just need to accumulateDollaNsas long as you want until you receive all your free gifts.

    And here is a list of gifts that you will soon find on Netizz:

    - the gifts of your choice on Price Minister

    - many mangas

    - likes for your page or a publication on Facebook, or a video on Youtube

    - subscribers to your Youtube channel

    - votes on your contests (moderated for likes contests to avoid cheating)

    - video games

    - audio codes

    - external hard drives.

    The October contests are almost over by the time I edit this post, so here's a recap of these:

    You won at least 1 manga by entering 5 contests, and each of these contests designated a winner by random draw. Prizes were 5 x $20 (or 4 mangas), to be received in addition to the manga won for 5 entries in the contests below.

    1 / Download the application Netizz, register and give its opinion on it in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
    2 / Post a list of objects (more than 25 words) that you like