I / Get prizes and money

I.1) Netizz offers you to get prizes and money through competitions and various activities. These remunerations will change regularly at the launch of the site, and should stabilize from the year 2020.

I.2) Contests are set up in the form of a draw, each of which can win between 1 and 5 gifts with the equivalent value of a manga in very good or excellent condition.

I.3) Also to be won, likes for your Facebook page, a contest, a video on Youtube, subscribers for your Youtube channel or votes for a contest.

I.4) Participants have the possibility to receive a gift or Dollans, the local currency of the site, to keep in order to order a gift with a higher value: you will soon be able to win external hard drives and many other products including in the field of health and food supplements for athletes.

I.5) Netizz also remunerates you in Dollans in a fixed way, on specific activities. These paid shares are limited over a period of 24 hours. You can find more information about this on the Dollans page.

I.6) The Dollans act as local currency, and allow you to win gifts without having to invest money. You have the option to add Dollans to your account by sending us a payment via Paypal. The Dollans are also a solution to secure transactions made on our platform.

I.7) For the launch of the site, you will have no postage to pay on the gifts we send you.

I.7) Your personal information will be useful for you to win prizes at one of our contests. This information will never be transmitted to a company without your consent.

I.8) We wish to set up a system of paid surveys concerning your tastes, and the search for information of certain companies. Each user will be free to answer the inquiries he wants.

II / Exchange between members and Content

II.1) We accept people from all over the world, from all cultures and all ideologies to the extent of the acceptable, including some points of view that might seem disturbing. Because our goal is to open a dialogue between people with different points of view, so that they can better understand and accept each other.

II.2) Some courtesy is however requested during your exchanges. People who do not respect this rule may be sanctioned with a warning, be banned temporarily or permanently. And this depending on the severity of their remarks, as well as their probable recidivism.

II.3) Each member is free to post content that does not seem to comply with the two previous rules.

II.4) You are allowed to contact any member by private message, and to block someone if he's disturbing you. Also you could report some disturbing behavior.

III / Cheating and scams

III.1) We have been informed of cheating through some Facebook contests, allowing some dishonest people to easily win on likes contests. In this context, we are for the moment protected from any fraud since our site is not connected to the sites allowing this kind of cheating. Moreover, the autolike being an element allowing the disqualification of honest members on certain competitions, we assure not to want to establish this type of rules on our competitions.

III.2) We pledge to support anyone who has been the victim of fraudulent actions on competitions, but also various scams on the Internet or not.

IV / Online shops

IV.1) Netizz allows you to create several online shops, each of which must correspond to a specific category of objects.

IV.2) You pay no commission for the launch of the site, this parameter should be modified to 5% in 2019 or 2020. You will have the possibility thanks to a VIP subscription, to keep a commission to 0%

IV.3) We offer Youtubers and other influencers on social networks a free VIP subscription, in exchange for publicity for our community. The conditions are to be defined according to your popularity, as well as the current progress of our community.

IV.4) You are asked to describe the objects for sale as accurately as possible, as well as to present your objects with one or more photos. Then your packages must be sent in letter format or via the carrier Mondial Relay. Your packages must also be perfectly protected.

IV.5) Payments from your buyers are temporarily blocked until they receive their package and confirm the transaction by an evaluation on your shop.

IV.6) In case of dispute, the buyer must contact the seller for a partial or total refund, against reimbursement of the package or not, in agreement with both parties and the problem presented.

IV.7) In case of disagreement between the two parties, the buyer must contact us so that we can make a decision on the transaction concerned.

IV.8) We ask the buyers to evaluate their seller objectively, some criticisms may be deleted, if we deem that they are unjustified in relation to the announcement that was made for the product in question.

V / Articles for information purposes and stories

V.1) You are asked to quote your sources in the case of articles for information purposes.

V.2) Your articles with an informative purpose must not be defined as defamatory, either towards a company or a person.

V.3) We undertake to moderate any article that does not comply with the previous rule, and if the published information is false.

V.4) Anyone is free to report content that may be offensive or defamatory.

V.5) Stories should describe partially or totally fictional events.

V.6) Sexual and gore contents are allowed on our community, to the extent of reasonable.

V.7) Extremely vulgar language is forbidden.

V.8) Authors of articles and / or stories may request that an article that is too similar be deleted, proving that they are the source of the content in question by the date of publication.