Everything is possible with your new community
Netizz offers activities as varied as possible, because we all have our own different goals and tastes. But in addition you can get prizes and money by participating regularly! Here are the different possibilities while the launching of our site:

  • Share your opinion about books, video games, websites, apps and more.
  • Increase your popularity on social networks.
  • Talk about your passions and other hot topics. We want to become a source of alternative information to mainstream media.
  • Find penpals to learn foreign languages.
  • Make your website, application or project known.

We also aim to develop these features:

  • Netizz would like to develop an advanced buy-sell and exchange system that allows everyone to get the products or services they want. For this purpose, we have a local currency that facilitates all transactions.
  • Participate in the creation of ecovillages and alternative communities.
  • Make money by administering your Fanpage and / or group and finding sponsors.